Why Are Native Ads More Effective Than Banner Ads?

Why Are Native Ads More Effective Than Banner Ads?

For those of you who are involved in the marketing world, the term native ads may be more common than the banner ads that often appear on websites or mobile apps. Although the popularity of banner ads is more trusted by many brands in advertising, in fact its presence is quite disturbing to the audience who are doing activities, whether it’s reading or maybe playing online games.

Many brands are still adopting the old thought that banner ads are more effective, but even more rapidly technology can change the habits and lifestyles of many people in accessing information and this also applies to advertising. A few years back native ads became the preferred advertising choice by many audiences over banner ads for the following reasons.

The Presence Of Native Ads Does Not Interfere

Unlike the banner ads that cover the content being read, native ads are presented in different ways. Famous for being the most audience-friendly ad, native ads give the audience choice to see whether or not the ad is displayed.

Native ads are becoming one of the increasingly popular marketing trends in 2020. The format that adjusts to the placement used, starting from the layout, font type, color, language style, and visual used. Everything done by native ads makes the display of ads more friendly and does not seem to force, so it fits perfectly with the personality of the millennial generation and generation Z who have high anti-starch against the ads.

Freedom In Choosing The Desired Ad

To distinguish native ads from other content, writing the word sponsor is often seen at the bottom of the topic of an article. Awareness of the presence of advertising content is not disturbing, because each audience has the choice to read the sponsor’s content or just skip it. The freedom to make choices like this is preferred by the current audience, especially the millennial generation or generation Z.

Relevance Makes Advertising More Effective

The relevance of advertising really determines the level of engagement power that results. Relevance can be created from the similarity of headlines, visuals, and content of an advertisement. It is undeniable that the title becomes the starting gate that attracts the audience to read the contents of the content, but keep in mind that the compatibility between the headline, visual, and content is very mandatory to do and relevance is a characteristic of native ads.

The Language Used Adjusts The Placement

One of the factors why native ads don’t interfere is because the language style used adjusts the placement. When you open a website and read articles on the website, you will find content in the same language but including the sponsor’s content and its existence does not stop you when you want to read other content.

Able To Create Brand Advocacy

A memorable experience when using a product will encourage consumers to share their experiences voluntarily with others. Recommending a product to someone else has a term known as brand advocacy.

Native ads provide an interesting advertising experience without being intrusive. When they see that the content of the advertisement is actually what the audience needs, they are not afraid to look for more information related to the product and recommend it to friends who need the same thing.

Choosing native ads to advertise is the best way to reach more consumers in the digital world. Native ads are a solution to attract millennial generation and Z generation.