Tips on How to Make Banner Ads More Effective

Tips on How to Make Banner Ads More Effective

When you run an online advertising campaign, you will be faced with the challenge of how effective the ads that you campaign for. For example, do website visitors click on the ad? Or do they just ignore it, even block it?

Let us tell you a little secret, ad banners must have the perfect appeal in order to appear effectively. Here are some tips for making banners more effective.

1. Pay Attention to the Main Structure of the Banner Ad

In designing a banner ad, there is a structure that you need to pay attention to in order for the banner ad to be more effective in promoting your business.

2. Company Logo

If banner ads don’t place your business logo, potential visitors won’t know who you are. This can affect their reluctance to click on your banner.

Therefore, installing a company logo in the design of ad banners is very important. A company logo can build trust and brand awareness. Also pay attention to the proportion of placement and size of the logo, it must be easily visible and read as your logo or business identity.

3. Order

To be more effective, the message in the banner advertisement advertisement must be concise, concise, and clear. The message here is the destination that you want to convey, whether you want to introduce new products, special discounts, and others. In addition, we strongly recommend that you use the principle of urgent and limited language. We will discuss this explanation in another part of this review.

4. Supporting Images

The use of attractive images and illustrations that are appropriate for your product / service can deliver messages far more effectively than text. Be sure to also use images with good resolution, will add to the professional impression of your business. For images with better results, you can use photography services or use a designer for illustration.

5. CTA (Call to Action)

CTA is a goal that you want to achieve, like a call for website visitors to act. The forms of solicitation can vary, for example contacting, buying, viewing products, and so on.

CTA can be in the form of buttons or just limited to text. To be more effective, CTA must appear more prominent in terms of shape, typography, and color. This can make your invitation points more easily captured by website visitors.

6. Color

Using the right colors for CTA buttons, background, and text messages in ad banners is very important, because each color can stimulate the feelings or moods of people who see it. An effective color combination can increase the attractiveness of visitors to click on these ad banners. In addition, the use of color contrast must also be considered, such as the color contrast between text and background, button colors, and the color of your business brand.

Use Standard Dimensions, Format, and Size of Banners that are Effective Dimensions

The Banner Ad Dimension has a standard size set by the IAB. IAB stands for International Advertising Bureau, an advertising organization based in the United States that develops industry standards and conducts research.

Well, now there are many ad publishers available on the internet. One that has the largest number of users is Google AdSense. Therefore we use this service as the main reference.

How to Make Banner Ads More Effective

1. Format

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You will need files in JPG, PNG, GIF or SWF (Flash) format for the animated version. Keep in mind that not all devices can display banner ads. Therefore, always make sure your banner ads run effectively on the device you want.

Likewise, when your banner is animated. The duration of the animation you need to pay attention, especially because visitors do not have much time to pay attention to these ads.

2. File Size

File size must not go unnoticed. According to Google’s provisions, smaller files are better. The recommended size here is as far as possible below 150KB. Ad files that are too large can affect the loading speed and performance of your website. If your website is slow to access, the opportunity for visitors to see ad impressions can pass you by.

3. Pay Attention to Simplicity and Readability

Banner ads that appear on web pages only have a few seconds to get the attention of the audience before they proceed to the rest of the page. However, advertisers often try to display as much information as possible in a banner ad. Instead of having a good effect, in the end the audience loses focus on the main information conveyed in the banner.

To ensure effective banner advertising, the simplicity and legibility aspects of the components in the banner must be maintained. The goal is that the audience can immediately understand what is to be conveyed in the ad.

Here are some tips on making banner ads simpler.

• Use short, concise text.

• Limit the use of picture elements or ornaments.

• No need to use a lot of colors.

4. Properly enable CTA

Perhaps the most important element in banner advertising is CTA (Call to Action). CTA is an invitation to the audience to take an action. Using standard sentences like clicking here may not attract many people. Use more specific words or sentences, for example BUY NOW or BUY NOW if you want to direct them to buy. If you want to get more information (such as getting leads) from your visitors, use specific sentences such as CONTENT FORM or REGISTER NOW.

Why is Call To Action important for your ad banners? Call To Action is the main thing in achieving the goal of conversion. Through CTA you can ask your audience to do what you want. So the main thing you need to pay attention to is delivering it so that the advertising message stays consistent. Then, pack the CTA so it feels like an interesting invitation. In practice you can try using the following three tips.

• Try Call To Action stand out with bright colors

• Use colors that contrast with the background

• Create a Call To Action in the form of a button

5. Use Quality Pictures / Illustrations

The use of quality images in banner design is very important because it can add a professional impression and convince the audience. What kind of images / illustrations are good used in a banner ad design? Here are some tips on what you can do.

• Always make sure to use images / illustrations that are relevant to the product or service.

• Also pay attention to the quality of the image used, do not install low quality images such as downloads from other websites.

• The image resolution must be high. Don’t use amateur photos, which make the picture look broken and unclear.

• When using stock photos, images or illustrations, make sure you have permission to use the stock beforehand, or you will be sued for violating someone else’s copyright license.

6. Use the Principles of Urgent Language

The principle of urgent and limited language is a way to influence the audience’s actions through the psychological side. Before making a product purchase decision, prospective customers will certainly think and make a consideration first. Here you can influence them to take immediate action, so they immediately buy the product or


There are many sentences that can be combined with urgent language related to time, here are some examples of words that describe immediate action, such as: Now Is the Time, Ends Tonight, Last Chance, and so on.


Scarcity / limited number of products is one effective way to encourage someone to take action. If you have a product that you want to promote, you can add sentences that have a limited impression such as a Limited Product, 10 Products Remaining, There Are Only 10 Items, and others.


It is undeniable that humans like to compete. Winning a competition is a prestige for some people. Therefore, an urgent sentence that sounds like a ‘competition’ can be a powerful way to place it on your ad banners. Examples of sentences that you can use are Who is fast he can, Special for the first 10 registrants, and so on.

There are several ways that you can do in creating an effective urgent language for your ad banners.

7. Consider the Use of Animation

Advertising banners with a unique and interactive display will certainly look more attractive. However, in reality animated banner / motion graphic ads do not always produce better conversions than static banners.

In fact, there are ad banners with animations that require additional plugins such as Adobe Flash or Silverlight, which are not necessarily supported by all browsers. If so, animated banners may not always work perfectly.

Another alternative has been created as a substitute for Adobe Flash for interactive media on websites. This alternative is called HTML5.

So, still pay attention to the use of animation for a banner ad, whether the format and size of the final file such as Flash, GIF, or HTML5, can be really effective in terms of load and compatibility in every visitor’s browser.

8. Responsive Design

Nowadays most internet users access websites through mobile devices. The number is even increasing rapidly, beating desktop users. Therefore you need to use banner ads that can display on mobile devices properly.

Installation of ad space is indeed plural done by website owners. However, problems often arise when website owners set the banner format to a fixed size. When opened using a different device, the ad does not run well. HTML5 presents a solution to solve this problem, creating responsive banner ads that can adapt to size properly.

Here are the reasons why HTML5 is very effective in creating responsive display advertisements.

• Ads in HTML format are easy to access and read on any device.

• Text, video, images, and Javascript are all used in one advertisement like a web page.

• Banners can use dynamic scripts.

Creating responsive banners does require special skills in terms of coding HTML, CSS and Javascript. However, now many websites have provided banner builder builds that make it easy for you to be creative using coding without having to be proficient first.