Native ads, new ways to advertise with a friendly look

An ad with a banner format is often able to cover content, so it can interfere with other users ‘ viewing content. To overcome this, you can use Native Ads or Native Advertising.

For those of you who are struggling in the world of digital marketing, of course, you are no stranger to the term native ads. This type of ad can be used as the right option to install online ads.

Why? Because by installing native ads, you will be able to reduce the disturbances experienced by users when they surf the internet.

Then, what are Native Ads? What kind of ads can be used by native ads? Well on this occasion we will explain native ads in-depth to you.

What is Native Advertising?

Native ADS is claimed to be more friendly to see than banner advertising in general. Reporting from the Share Through page, Native Ads is a paid advertising media form that Manda ads displayed in them follow the format that matches the related platform, ranging from the type of ad font, up to the image or video in it.

In digital marketing, this type of ad is often used by marketers to be able to get a wider customer range. Why? Because this type of ad can provide a good experience for internet users.

In fact, for those who are looking at Native Ads, their presence is not like advertising in general, but as ordinary content.

A simple example of native ads that you might have often encountered is ad content that is given a “sponsored” or “ads” label when using a Google search engine.

In addition, other native ads can also be easily found on social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. So, when you find the content given the “Promoted Content” label, the content is native ads.

Types of native ads

At present we have understood together that Native Ads is one of the paid advertising media that has a user-friendly display. Native Ads itself also turns out to consist of various types, the following is the explanation.

1. Promoted Listings.

Sourced directly from the Forbes page, Promoted Listings are the types of native ads which are very often used on e-commerce website sites. Generally, this type of ad will present sponsored products and will be placed directly according to its category.

For example, when you are opening an Amazon site and are looking for electronic items, then on the page you will be a sponsored electronic product. Well, this is what we call promoted listings.

2. Paid Search Ads

Paid Search Ads is an ad type that you can easily find on Google search engines. When there is content that is given a “sponsored” or “ads” label on the Google search page, the content is Paid Search Ads.

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Generally, this type of content will appear at the top of Google. But, even though it is like organic content, you have to pay Google to display this type of ad.

3. In-feed units

Most of us certainly have found sponsored content on the landing page on a site or social media timeline. Well, this content we call in-feed units. So, in-feed units are one of the most user-friendly native ads types. Why? Because ads are shown will suit the user experience.

4. In-Ad with Native Elements

You will find this type of ad easily when you are visiting a website. However, this ad will adjust the available publisher or website. So, we can say that Ad with Native Elements doesn’t have a disturbing look when you’re browsing the internet.

5. Content Recommendation Engine Widgets

Reporting from Forbes Page, the type of ad that is currently very often used at the end of the article on a website. Generally, at the end of the article, there will be the text “recommended for you”

Generally, the recommended content of the content in various content that you prefer. This type of ad is perfect for marketers who implement content marketing to improve brand and get business prospects.

Because these recommendation widgets will make it easier for you to get traffic from other sites.

6. Custom Ad.

Reporting from the Zirca page, Custom Ad is a type of contextual ad that is not bound by a special format. Simply put example is the filter found on Instagram or Snapchat. Make filters become new ways to advertise.

Even though the filter is also one of the paid media, but you don’t need to worry, because the filter display will adjust the application, so it will be more friendly to the user.

Why is Native Advertising so popular?

This type of ad is capable of providing enormous opportunities for each company to be more creative in advertising, and advertisers can be sure that users can enjoy the ad format that has been served.

The most selected choice of native ads is widget and in-feed commerce recommendations, but advertisers can also choose other ways to be able to channel the ad material in the application more creatively and can be adjusted.

Native Ads is also able to present several of its challenges because this ad requires a native-related understanding of the platform. More and more advertisers can learn about a platform, then it is likely that their original advertising will also be better.

But, the benefits will also be greater than the obstacles or challenges. If you can customize ads according to the form and function of the related platform, then you have the opportunity to be able to explain unique content that is very interesting for each of your audients.

Native Ads is also able to outperform ordinary advertisements or traditional advertisements. Research has proven that even though the user is aware that the content is advertising content, native ads gain higher involvement than traditional advertising methods.

This may be because the content can be consumed using a more reasonable way and also more intuitive.

Advantages of Native Ads.

There are at least four main advantages that you can feel when running native ads. The four more advantages are as follows.

1. Effective marketing

Native Ads is one of the tools and marketing strategies that are very effective. Until now, almost every day most people use the internet for various purposes, starting from visiting websites or blogs, marketplaces, to social media.

The high lift of internet traffic makes promotional activities carried out to be more effective because they can be seen by many prospective consumers.

2. Easy to apply

The more technology and user-friendly today make Native Ads very easy to be applied. As a result, you almost always encounter ads on every social media and also the sites you visit. Sometimes you only need only minutes to make native ads.

3. Visual interaction occurs

Native ads can be shaped images or videos. An interesting look from the ad itself will be able to provide visual interactions to people who see it. This is an advantage or advantage of advertising to be able to convey his message to prospective consumers.

4. The cost is not expensive

Another advantage of Native Ads is the cost incurred by the brand or the company is classified as not too expensive when compared to advertising on television, radio, or other print media. Costs that you have to spend to advertise on TV, radio, etc. It is certainly many times more expensive than native ads.


As a businessman, you must have a good understanding of ADS, because this will be a distinct advantage for you.

However, to be able to achieve success in doing business, you must not only focus on marketing strategies. You also have to be able to manage finances well.

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