How to Make an Effective Banner to Increase Sales?

How to Make an Effective Banner to Increase Sales?

There are many strategies to attract the attention of potential customers. One surefire strategy to drive website visitors into your service or product page is to use banner ads. In summary, banner ads are advertisements that are packaged in the form of banners / banners and installed on web pages. Besides being installed on websites, banner ads are also needed to advertise on Facebook. Of course the design of banner ads is an important factor to attract people’s attention.

Online banner-shaped ads that you can make yourself or if you want to be optimal you should use graphic design services that are experienced in their fields. So, how do you create an effective banner that can increase sales? To get the answer, consider the tips around making the following banner ads.

The Right Dimension, Format and Size of the Banner Ads File

Banner ads can be made with various dimensions according to the location of placement. From the various dimensions of banner ads, there are at least 3 dimensions of banner ads that are capable of producing high impressions or impressions when broadcast on the Froggy Ads network.

The 3 dimensions of most effective banner ads are:

300 × 250 banner dimensions

728 × 90 banner dimensions

160 × 600 banner dimensions

Impression is a measure of “visibility” of an online ad in this case banner ads. The higher the impression value, the higher the range.

In addition to choosing the right banner dimensions, the banner format should use PNG or JPG format for the status banner format. As for the animated version, you can use the GIF or SWF format. The animated version of the banner ads does look interesting. But you need to set the animation so that the duration is not too long. Because not all visitors have enough time to see it to finish.

When creating banner designs, pay attention to the file size. For photos and animations the file size should not be more than 150KB.

Determine the Color for the Banner Design

There are many choices of colors for banner ads and actually there is no need to use certain colors. But in reality, certain colors can provide different effects for visitors. That’s why it’s very important to determine the right banner ad colors. Here are some colors and impressions that can be generated.

White color

Give the impression of clean, simple, modern and young.


This color has a strong appeal for visitors. But you should not use excessively. Too many banner ads with a bright red on one page seems to be disturbing comfort. Avoid choosing the red color for banner ads if you want to present a formal and mature impression.


Blue is often chosen as one of the colors for logos. Therefore, if your company logo contains elements of blue, also use blue for banner ads. This color gives a formal impression, intellect and trust.


The choice of green color will make visitors feel comfortable when they see the banner ads that you make. In addition, the green color gives the impression of being healthy, prosperous, environmentally friendly and natural.


Orange is the right choice for CTA button colors. Although less striking than red, orange can bring positive energy. The orange color gives the impression of refreshing and happy.


The color purple gives a soothing and soothing impression to those who see it. The color purple is also luxurious, synonymous with women and nobility.

If you only make one banner ad, it’s a little difficult to see the success rate of the banner ad. For that you can make several banners with the same advertising material, then observe the effect of each of these banners. From the comparison of the effects of these banners, you will get one or more banner ads that effectively increase sales.