Effective Banner Design to Increase Sales

There are many strategies to attract the attention of potential customers. One surefire strategy to drive website visitors into your service or product page is to use banner ads. In summary, banner ads are advertisements that are packaged in the form of banners / banners and installed on web pages. Besides being installed on the website, banner ads are also needed to advertise on Froggy Ads. Of course the design of banner ads is an important factor to attract people’s attention.

Online banner-shaped ads that you can make yourself or if you want to be optimal you should use graphic design services that are experienced in their fields. So, how do you create an effective banner that can increase sales? To get the answer, consider the tips around making the following banner ads.

Banner Design Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Regarding the design of banner ads, of course you are wondering what kind of design can effectively increase sales? It’s important to keep in mind that an effective banner design doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple design can actually attract attention optimally.

To produce a simple banner ads design, reduce the use of ornaments or images. At least in a banner ad consists of elements of one ornament, one image, one message, one Call to Action and one company or brand identity. A simple impression will be seen from the combination of these elements.

If you use pictures, make sure you don’t take pictures at random. Only use high-quality, high-resolution images that are relevant to the company and display the company’s image. It’s good if you use professional photo services and professional models to get really good photos.

Another option, you can buy licensed photos. There is a large selection of high-quality photographs from several photo provider sites. Alternatively, you can use graphic design services to create the illustrations needed.

Actually the picture is not absolutely in the banner design. You also create creative banners with typography. The art of selecting and arranging letters can be a solution to present unique, interesting and informative bannder ads.

Also avoid using too many color combinations. Prioritizing information in banner ads can be read clearly and can be understood. Focus on designing text that is concise, dense, rich in information and easy to understand. Often, this is the most difficult part when creating banner ads designs.

Meanwhile, if you want to make banner ads in the form of animations, make animations that are simple and easy to understand. Try to keep the banner ads animation for no more than 15 seconds and make sure that the animation does not repeat more than 3 times. Then in the last frame, add a clear Call to Action.

Don’t Forget Call to Action

Call to Action or CTA is a text or button that invites visitors to take action. For example, “Buy Now”, “Register for Free”, “Search Now” or “Start Now”. Depending on the type of banner ads created, the use of the CTA button form is more effective than text-only CTAs.

The strategic position for this CTA button is at the bottom right of the banner. If you are creating a set of banner ads, then make sure that the CTA button and the CTA button are uniform colors so that they appear as a single unit.

Also set the CTA to stand out from the colors, shapes to the typography used. Pay attention to the color contrast between the CTA and the background banner ads and also the harmony with the company’s brand colors.

Incorporating Elements That Build Branding

Likewise in the design of banner ads. Not just online advertising media, banner ads help build a company’s brand.

Because it has broader functions than being an online advertisement, there are elements that should be included in banner ads.

The logo

Incorporating logos into banner designs is an effective way to introduce your brand or business. The presence of the logo also provides a clear identity for the banner and builds trust so that visitors do not feel anxious to click on the banner. Make sure you put the logo in the right size so the information on the logo is clear.

Color and Font

In addition to the logo, brand or company identity can be highlighted on banner ads by entering the colors and fonts that are commonly used on companies. In this way, banner ads will become part of your company or brand identity.

Banner ads with a clear identity and attractive design will make it easier for visitors to remember your brand. In addition, banner ads also encourage increased website traffic. If banner ads are installed on other websites, visitors who click on the banner will be brought into your website.

Responsive Banner Ads Design

In addition to making sure the designs for banners are quite attractive and clear, you also need to make responsive banners. Because at this time, more internet users are using smartphones to access information. Therefore, make sure, display banner ads can perform well on mobile devices. To create responsive banners, you need special expertise in coding such as CSS, Javascript or HTML.

Well, armed with a few tips on how to create effective banners to increase sales, are you ready to create your own banner ads? The process of creating an effective banner design is not easy. But it’s also not something that can’t be done.

Not enough, maybe you should make some banner ads to get satisfying results. Or if you want to be faster, use graphic design services. You can discuss, process ideas, and revise together with people who are familiar with the world of graphic design and at the same time the world of online marketing.