Ad-Maven Ad Network Review 2021

Today I found an article from one of the online advertising networks called Ad Ad Maven Ads. Then I read and read from various sources about the ad network, this Ad-maven. It turned out to be quite interesting for me to try to register it and it turns out that in listing and posting ads it is quite easy to implement. Ad network Ad-Maven Ads is a digital display advertising network that is Pop-under based advertising. Ad-Maven Ads also allows you to bypass all ad block extensions and therefore increase your revenue by 25%. This is quite interesting to my attention.

Ad-Maven Ads is a popular online advertising platform that focuses on pop-under advertisements.

Now Pop-under type ads have become the type of advertisement that many publishers use to monetize their ads. This pop-under has the advantage that when a website is clicked by a visitor anywhere, then a new page will open which will display advertisements from the publisher.

Ad-Maven Ads is experienced in this online advertising. More than 35 years of experience brings AdMaven to be one of the top in the advertising industry today. As a leader in the full-page advertising industry, this platform offers publishers various types of advertisements that can be customized or desired to monetize their websites. This includes traditional pop-ups, banners, lightbox ads, sliders, interstitial ads and also new tab options.

By using the latest technology for advertising and banners, Ad-Maven allows publishers to monetize each of their pages effectively. Ad-Maven Ads has been able to build a strong audience for their advertisers by working with solid publishers. Overall, AdMaven offers publishers to advertise widely. That is why they offer around 500 million daily impressions to advertisers. AdMaven is a subsidiary of Webpick Internet Holdings.

These ad networks are quite interesting to try because they provide a variety of ad choices that will make the reasons why this adsense be one of the options for monetizing their blogs or sites. These ad choices include:

Pop-under ad

Pop-up banner ad

Slider ad

Interstitial ad

Lightbox ad

VPN banner

With these types of ads, you can maximize revenue by implementing one of them on your site.

Ad-Maven has payment methods offered, namely:



Wire Transfers


Interesting not to try it. If you have a blog or website, what’s wrong with trying this one.

Ad-Maven Ads is one of the alternative ad networks and one of the best that you should try from the many Adsense alternatives. Are you a blogger who is having difficulty joining Google AdSense partners so it’s okay to try this one AdSense alternative. But from a variety of advertising media, the best is definitely from Google AdSense because it’s guaranteed quality and the ease of making money later. It should be noted that advertisements like this (pop-ups, pop-unders) are usually excessive adverts that will definitely disturb visitors and you need to consider here in the future.

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